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The Crumpets

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My name is L’il-One. Two and half and a genius already! I’m a big shot in a little squirt package. I’d already be the top banana, if it weren’t for…THE CRUMPETS, my FAMILY!

I should have been my parents’ one and only! But I’m not because they’re so disgustingly lovie-dovie. So gross… Acting like pink-nosed rabbits all the time, it’s no wonder I’m stuck in this cheesy sibling crowd. Our parents’ have been prolific! First, there’s my big brother Pfff who has but one idea in his fat, lazy, peach-fuzz brain: squatting MY mother’s tummy-hatch. No, way! That’s MY spot!
Caprice, the bipolar wardrobe queen, changes moods and clothes every 1.7 seconds. Triceps takes our family for a soccer team and has the muscle power to move anything she puts her mind to, even the house! Ditzy is so way-out that her body is constantly chasing after her head. What about the forty-twelve others, you ask? Disasperating!
And yet, Pa is so proud of his XXL tribe that he gave up going to work so he could help raise us all. Aside from raising me and my brothers and sisters, the only things that interest Pa are gardening and cooking vegetarian meals. Ma is always inventing industrial revolution machines with junky-salvaged-no-money-making thingamajigs that she believes will make life easier for us. Our extra-large family and our principles of liberty, ecology, frugality can certainly put my diapies in a wad! My parents really ought to concentrate on making their swarm of kiddies behave!

Veggie meals, ha! I want to eat meat every meal, including breakfast! I want to be a total game-console hugging, geeky couch-potato. I want us to have a car like in the TV commercials. Above all, I want to be MY mother’s only child! Now, mind you, I don’t just sit back and criticize life; I have a plan! Yep! Scouts honor! And I’m going to get this Crumpet Family moving!

The Crumpets TV Show
The Crumpets Based on the books Lil'One By Didier Levy & Frédéric Benaglia published by Sarbacane.

TV Show 52x13 Broadcasted by Canal + Family

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