About Us

4.21 is a company dedicated in the conception, production, realisation and fabrication of animated cartoon.

Using the latest technology, we can cover every demand on 2D or 3D.

Pascal Gayrard and Raoul Magrangeas had 20 years of experience in animation when they forming their own company, 4.21 PRODUCTIONS, in september 2003.

The number of staff can reach 50 talents involving every profession of the animation field, from conception to final delivery.

For ten years now, our customers are:

• Advertising Agency: (Young & Rubicam, Business, Le studio production, JWT, Le Garage production...).
• Television Channel: TV Show, generic, revamping, such as Cartoon Network (Les Amuses Gueules, Youri the Spaceman), France3 (Scoubigang, Samson & Neon), Canal + (Ca Cartoon, Les Simplets), and the BBC (Frankenstein Cat), TF1 (literary and graphic development on Les Minis Ninjas, Trop Royal, Piggyto).
• Producers : Toon Factory, Mackinnon & Saunders, Kayenta Productions, Patoon Animation, La Franco American Films, Timoon Animation (Genao)…

In 2009, in parallel of servicing, 4.21 becomes producer.

A 2D TV Show,is work in progress for the french channel Canal +:

• The Crumpets 52x13', (based on the books of Didier Lévy and Frédéric Bénaglia published by les Editions Sarbacane, Paris)

Two others projects are in development:

• Tralaland, 78x7' (Based on the books of Libon published by Bayard, Paris)
• Supernormal, 52x13' (original concept by Emmanuel LEDUC and Marie EYNARD)